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Storm Copper saves OEMs time and money by incorporating all fabrication processes under one roof.
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OEM Copper Parts
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Laminated Copper Bus Bar

Laminated Bus Bar - Custom In-House Fabrication

Setting the Stage for Efficient Power Conversion


Designers and engineers should think of bus bar laminations as a tool that can open new plateaus of circuit performance. As modern devices demand ultra efficiency in everything from LEDs, solar cells and IGBTs, laminations fill a gap in the equation that screams for low induction. Storm Copper’s Laminated Bus Bars offer many advantages when compared to conventional electrical connecters using cables or cable assemblies. A more efficient alternative to traditional bus systems, Storm's laminated bus bar consists of flat, plated or un-plated copper conductors bonded over and between thin layers of insulating dielectric film or paper.

Cutout of Copper Bus Bar Lamination

Laminated Bus Bar 101

Bus bar laminations reduce inductance by alternating the positive and negative bus bar layers amid layers of thin dielectric insulation.

Connectors of all makes and sizes, including IGBTs and capacitors are connected to the structure. Inductance is reduced. Electromagnetic interference is eliminated. Systems switch faster, cleaner and with less energy loss.

Engineers marvel not only at the efficiency of laminations but also at the simplicity in design, fabrication and installation. Seriously, how often do you have an opportunity to design a mousetrap that runs better and costs less to build and install?

The images to the right illustrate how a spaghetti harness transforms into an integrated multi-layer bus system that you plug in and forget.

Plus you can forget complex wiring assembly and costly installation errors.


Out-moded wire harness before being replaced by laminated bus bar.

Custom Copper Bus Bar Lamination

No free ride for Mr. Inductance.

Relevance of Inductance, Capacitance and Impedance in Laminated Bus Assemblies.

Engineers are tasked to design a lamination that locates, shapes and routes conducting points in ways to ensure that the multi-layered current can flow in opposite directions and in equal strength. The key aspect of this design is to generate opposing voltages proportional to the rate of current change in a circuit, which in turn enables the opposing magnetic fields to cancel each other's ticket, eliminating a free ride for extra inductance.

With the guidance of a competent fabricator, designers and engineers are able to make the right choice in insulating material and conductor (raw or plated copper) thickness. Generally, the rule of thumb is to make sure the copper metal and dielectric materials are as thin as possible, but this isn't always the case due to environmental demands.

Laminated Bus Bar meets a wide range of applications.

• Custom Power Distribution Assemblies
• Multi-Layer Laminated Copper Connectors
• Multi-Layer Bus Bars
• Capacitor and IGBT Structures

Storm also goes the extra mile to meet the laminated bus bar needs of OEM customers from industries, including: Telecom, Power Generation, Electromechanical Motor Controls, as well as Aerospace and Military.

From design to execution, Storm does its best to engineer laminated bus bar with a smaller profile design and a minimal number of interconnections.


Our design experts work hand in hand with OEM designers and engineers to ensure success. Plus all parts are clearly marked for efficient installation.

Storm design experts working hand in hand with OEM engineers.

Choose from these or a combination of laminated bus bar edge geometries. Each offers a specific cost-effective option to meet environmental and space demands.

Laminated Bus Bar Edge Geometries

Though bus laminations have been around for almost two decades, newer, advanced insulating materials like Kapton and Teonex when combined with improved design and fabrication techniques, not only utilize electric energy more efficiently, but save time and money. Selection of the proper internal dielectric insulations can depend on capacitance, inductance, voltage potentials and operating environment. 

The following table lists the most common insulating materials:

Insulation Materials Table
Use Temp. Cº
(Volts per mil)
Epoxy Glass (FR4)        
Superior mechanical and dimensional stability
UL 94 V-O
Mylar (PET)
Cost effective, tear, chemical and moisture resistant
UL 94 VTM-0
Tedlar (PVF)
Chemical / solvent resistant; good mechanical properties
UL 94 HB
Teonex (PEN)        
Higher deflective strength and continuous use temp.
UL 94 VTM-0
Flame resistant; durable
UL 94 V-0
High temperature rating and range stability
UL 94 VTM-0
Epoxy Powder Coating
Flame, moisture resistant; ideal for multiple shapes
UL 94 V-0

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Frustrated installer before switching to laminated bus bar.
Top 10 Reasons to Get Laminated
10. A wafer-thin sandwich without the electromagnetic crust.
9. More ways to plug in to the right connections.
8. Increased capacitance means you won't give off the wrong signals.
7. Laminations fit in all the tight spaces.
6. Laminations stay cool when the heat is on.
5. Laminations bend to the latest design fashions.
4. You'll never be indicted for added inductance.
3. Faster assembly time means the plant people like you.
2. No more wiring errors makes them like you more.
And the number 1 reason to get laminated?
More efficient power conversion is GREEN.
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