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Storm Copper saves OEMs time and money by incorporating all fabrication processes under one roof.
OEM Copper Parts
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Fabricated Copper Parts

OEM Copper Parts
OEM Copper Parts
Copper Bus Bar Fabrication
Copper Bus Bar
Bus Bars and Bus Bar Kits
Copper Ground Bars and Kits
Flexible Braided Connectors
Braided Flex Connectors
Laminated Bus Bar
Laminated Bus Bar
Epoxy and Fluidized Bed Powder Coated Bus Bar
Powder Coated Bus Bar
Battery Connectors, Straps and Posts
Battery Connectors & Straps
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Copper Metal Distribution

Storm Copper offers full custom copper fabrication
plus the convenience of online shopping for
copper and other components, including standoff
insulators, ground rods and more.

Copper Sheet
Copper Sheet
Copper Bar Stock
Copper Bar
Copper Flashing
Copper Rod - Round and Square
Copper Rod
Copper Electrical Tube
Copper Tubing - Electrical
Copper Plate
Copper Plate
Copper Clad Ground Rods and Clamps
Ground Rods and Clamps
MaxiFlex Flexible Insulated Bus Bar Flexible Insulated Bus Bar
Electrical Standoff Insulators Electrical Insulators


Online Store: 1-866-716-9773

For current pricing on Storm's - IN-STOCK - Copper Bar, Copper Sheet, Ground Bars, Punched Copper Connectors, Cable Jumpers and Standoff Insulators Visit our Online Store

For wholesale and volume copper metal product purchases Call Michelle Hurt at 1-866-716-9773.

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Custom bus bar assemblies, tinned and un-plated.

Custom Bus Bar Fabrication

CNC fabrication, testing, electroplating and more - UNDER ONE ROOF.


By consolidating all aspects of copper busbar manufacturing, Storm Copper cuts lead time and outsourcing costs.

As one of the largest global producers of copper bus bar, Storm Copper offers unmatched dedication to the quality fabrication of Bus Bar, Laminated Busbars and Copper Ground Bars to the exact specifications of OEMs. Storm employees have over 20 years of experience with the technicalities of working with copper, a softer metal than steel, and one that requires extra skill when fabricating bus bars.

Bright Tin Plated Copper Bus Bar


In-house electroplating streamlines busbar production, eliminating the time and cost of outsourcing.

Storm offers in-house copper bus bar electroplating of bright and matte tin, lead, tin/lead alloys, nickel and silver. This capability is proven to reduce lead times critical to OEMs.

Not only is internal electroplating is more cost effective than outsourcing, plating in house offers a green component to manufacturing by eliminating fuel consumption and pollution from transport from plant to plant.


Testing equipment used for Storm's quality assurance.

In-house testing equipment.

Quality inspection and testing throughout the bus bar production process to ensures all specifications are met, once more eliminating fuel consumption and pollution from transport from plant to lab.

CNC Capability

Virtually all of Storm business involves copper and a variety of core metalworking capabilities, all based on CNC technology. Storm's equipment includes shear, presses, press breaks, water jet and punching machines, to produce materials, processes, and finished components engineered to meet standards required by ISO 9001, ASTM, UL, CSA, Bellcore, and other testing/standards bodies. Storm's prototyping capability can put samples of busbar connectors in your hands for evaluation in a matter of days.

CNC Machinery Used in Custom Copper Fabrication
One million pounds of copper inventory in standard and metric sizes
means copper bar stock and sheet is in-stock NOW to keep production flowing.
Copper Bar Stock in Inventory at Storm Copper

Tracking Custom Copper Fabrication Online

Online Quality Data Display & Bar Coding
Lets you track busbar and other copper components' quality control online.

Solid-Works 3D Design enables fast rendering
of parts and assembly designs with application-specific tools
for custom bus bar fabrication.

Storm design experts working hand in hand with OEM engineers.

Value Engineering prevents cost overruns while reducing lead time.

Whenever Storm's process engineers look at a busbar print, there are a handful of key design elements they are immediately drawn to. These design elements largely dictate how an OEM's bus bars will be manufactured.




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