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Storm Copper saves OEMs time and money by incorporating all fabrication processes under one roof.
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Custom-designed copper bus bar.

Copper Bus Bar Design

Custom bus bar fabrication, testing and electroplating - UNDER ONE ROOF.


For decades, Storm Copper has successfully executed OEM's designs to fabricate bus bars in use around the globe. Let our quality support team work with your bus-bar designs and together we'll produce quality bus bar of precise tolerances and fit.

Storm's OEMs take advantage of shorter lead times...

Custom Fabricated Copper Bus Bar

Storm's flexible tooling translates into a more efficient ability to facilitate custom bus bar designs that are manufactured in a shorter lead time whether it's a large or small production run.

To further shorten production times, Storm's new CNC (computer numerical controlled) punching and precision cutting machine can be programmed to robotic-ally produce copper busbars and punch multiple holes the entire length of the busbar while cutting ground bars to exact lengths, all from the same long sheet of conveyor-fed copper bar.

Storm Copper processes well over 1,500 tons of CDA 11000 Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper in a year. Most of which goes into the production of bus and grounding bar designed to exact OEM specifications. Storm also offers in house electroplating to save OEMs the cost of third party plating.

The benefits of using bus bars center on electrical considerations, like better thermal control or higher capacitance (the capability to hold an electrical charge) as well as improved resistance stemming from lower inductance and impedance. Bus bars also improve the reliability of a power or electrical grounding system.

Storm Copper Value Engineering

Value Engineering also reduces lead times while preventing cost overruns.

Whenever Storm's process engineers look at a busbar print, there are a handful of key design elements they are immediately drawn to. These design elements largely dictate how an OEM's bus bars will be manufactured.

Storm's Online Tools

Storm's other bus bar design advantages include:

Online Quality Data Display & Bar Coding
Lets you track quality control online.

Solid-Works 3D Design enables fast rendering
of parts and assembly designs with application-specific tools for custom bus bar fabrication.




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