Testing Electrical Connectors

Testing Electrical Connectors Ensures Quality While Raising the Bar on Storm's Capabilities

When Storm Power decided to set up an in-house testing lab, our intention was to save customers the time and cost of outsourcing. Yet little did we realize that the insight that came from conducting electrical connector tests would enable Storm to evolve as a quality electrical components manufacturer.

Our focus shifted to minute details like coefficient values and analyzing heat loss and reduction stemming from the Joule Effect; the resistivity of copper and aluminum bus systems; the influence of frequency - and the list goes on...

Plus in addition to the numerous types of hand-held gauges carried by every Storm craftsman and engineer, we have assembled an array of equipment to cover the full spectrum of electrical testing,

Testing Equipment Used by Storm Power Components

Above: Plating Test Oven • X-Ray Machine • Hardness Tester (Rockwell) • Video Inspection Device (Keyence)
Below: Surface roughness tester • Dielectric Tester (Hypot) • Partial Discharge Tester • Ultrasonic Thickness Tester