Insulating Tape & Sheet

Tyco - Raychem Electrical Insulating Tape and Sheet

HVBT is designed to insulate straight and bent bars in retrofit applications where tubing cannot be used. HVBT easily insulates unusual connections and geometries in the factory or field. Suitable for higher-voltage applications, HVBT's adhesive layer fuses the tape layers but does not stick to bus or hardware, providing environmental sealing while allowing fast, easy removal.

MVFT is designed for insulation enhancement and protection against accidentally induced discharge. MVFT tape is intended to combine the integrity of a Silicone polymer with the versatility of a wraparound product. MVFT is quick and easy to install. The tape sticks to itself and other insulating materials but does not adhere to metal or porcelain, allowing easy removal for maintenance.

HVIS a bi-axially expanded high-voltage material designed to provide high performance insulation for complex geometries. When heated the HVIS sheet shrinks in two directions, enabling fast installation of T- and L-Joints and other shapes. The specially formulated adhesive only bonds the insulating material but does not stick to other surfaces. HVIS can be used in applications up to 35kV.